What do School Dances Look Like in 2020?

Daniel Findlay

With the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 school and life has changed greatly and we have been forced to give up much of our traditions. However, for many students, there has been some push-back to try and have events for this school year despite school shutting down most events like assemblies and dances. Due to this, some third party groups are trying to put on “Rogue Dances”, one large concern of going to these dances is whether or not it is safe for students and their families.

Traditionally, schools hold dances and are able to have a certain level of control over students. Due to the pandemic, at these dances it may be hard to enforce rules if any rules are even set in place. This creates a concern for spreading the virus as well as students acting more reckless than usual and increasing the risk of injuries and increasing cases.

“It was pretty fun, the dance was a riot there were people body surfing and people ripping off their shirts, it was wild… for me personally it was too wild but I know a lot of people that had a ton of fun” said Marshal Jacobson, a senior at Davis High.

On top of the inherent risks of spreading viruses with lessened distancing and non strict adherence to face covering guidelines, there is a risk of students getting out of control without authority figures to prevent accidents. With that, many precautions have been taken to make everything safe, so is it worth the risk?

This brings into question what the experiences of students are worth because there is a conflict of what is safe and smart, and what is being too cautious and needlessly taking away from students. As it currently stands, the school administration is not supporting any dances and is more concerned about keeping cases down with social distancing as well as reducing group sizes. We will see how the changes that are approaching in the coming months with attempts to open up more and trying to go back to a more traditional schedule, amidst the pandemic increasing dramatically in many places.