California Fires Spread Pollution: A Danger to Us All

California Fires Spread Pollution: A Danger to Us All

JJ Brough

California fires are nothing new to those of us near the west coast, however the California fires may have more of an effect on us than we realize. Due to the way Utah is formed, with our mountains trapping in all the air we have, a lot of pollution from the recent fires is being trapped above us. Air quality is decreasing day by day and the fires are getting worse at the same rate.

The levels of pollution is being monitored by multiple stations, Salt Lake City’s monitoring stations has reported anywhere between 40 to 85 micrograms per cubic meter. With areas such as Tooele country reporting upwards of 100, these amounts are considered dangerous for sensitive groups; those with breathing problems.

Even our local firefighters are having to leave in order to help with California’s fires, which are spreading at an even quicker rate due to the high wind speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. The lack of firefighters here in our area could also leave us at a higher risk.

The fire spreads at a quick and wide rate. To keep a fire going it needs fuel and air, and a forest makes for great fuel. Fortunately, we live in a desert, so there are not many large forests. However, if a spark did reach one of our more grassy or densely populated areas, a fire could start. It goes without saying that it would have a negative effect on the people and life that covers this planet.

“I believe that pollution levels in our community, as well as throughout the world, are ever rising as time goes by. I am not sure if the windy situations will help, but at this point I am hoping for anything that could possibly help our planet to grow rather than regress as it currently is.” – Brooklynn Crowley

Nevertheless, we will have to hope for the best. Hope for some strong (but maybe not too strong) winds to get the air cleaned out, stay safe out there Darts!