Battle for Regionals

Battle for Regionals

Reylynn Porter, Writer

The fight to win Regionals is never an easy feat. It takes hard work and dedication in order to achieve this goal, something our girl’s tennis team has plenty of. It has paved the path to them making overall second in Regionals, which took place on September 28th and 29th.

The highlight of the first match, according to Mr. Frey, was, “Watching Ellie Cook, Brylie Sigg, and Esmae King upset their opponents, as they were seen as the underdogs in their matches.”

He also voiced his pride in the team by saying, “I’m very pleased about how the girls faced diversity this year and came together as a team to finish as the top two teams in Region One.” The girls not only displayed an outstanding example of teamwork in the first regional game, but the second as well. The girls encouraged one another to do their best, and they did exactly that.

One of the members, Kyra Spendlove, who did the 1st single, answered a couple questions concerning the topic of her matches. Kyra got into tennis in the sixth grade, needing something new to do after quitting soccer.

“I for sure can play this sport until I die. I love it so much and it is seriously my life.” Kyra responded. With a passion for tennis as fierce as that, it is no surprise that the team got as far as they did.