What does Davis High think of the 2020 Presidential Election?

What does Davis High think of the 2020 Presidential Election?

Aspen Bishop

The upcoming Presidential Election is one of the most controversial topics today.  With the end approaching, a question presented itself. What do Davis High Students think about the election and candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

Firstly, for those of you who want to know what someone experienced in the field of US Government thinks, or maybe just get a bit of information on the election, we have interviewed Mr. Bo Roundy, A U.S Government and Citizenship Teacher here at Davis High.

When asked why someone would vote for Donald Trump, he says that Trump’s supporters had devoted such love and loyalty to Trump, which Roundy has “never before witnessed”

“Trump represents populist America. People love his ‘Drain the Swamp’ and ‘America First’ politics”-Roundy

Biden however, gains his votes by being the answer to beat Trump.

“He represents the answer to all the injustices and inequalities in our country.” Roundy goes on to state that people “are tired of Trump and his ‘white America’ and are looking for a president who is honest and respectful.”

Now as far as what things are damaging each candidate’s campaign, Roundy’s answers were the same. President Donald J. Trump. Many people love Trump, and see Biden as old and too weak to be president. Trump is damaging his own campaign by talking too much and being seen as disrespectful to many groups and individual people.

“He [Trump] needs to shut his mouth and listen. He is the only thing holding himself back. His narcissism and bullying!” -Roundy

Finally, we asked him who he honestly thought was going to win, “Biden” Roundy answered, in just that way.

Next, we wanted to find out what Davis High Students thought and what candidate they would choose. In order to find out we staged a poll on our Instagram @davisdartnews to determine what our followers thought. If our poll was the election, President Donald Trump would be in for a second term. Although, considering this is a conservative area, Biden wasn’t too far behind, with a split of 60% to 40% respectively.

When the students were asked why they had voted Trump, the majority claimed that Trump’s economic policies were a major factor, as well as his Christian ideals. Biden’s voters, chose him because they agreed with his ideals more than Trump’s in areas concerning Climate Change and Equality.

In order to really figure out what issues represented by the candidates mattered to students, and to have a more detailed look into their thoughts, we interviewed two of them.

One, a devout Conservative, and the other a strong Liberal. This way we could see why each side would vote in the way that they did, but in a more detailed way. Matthew Ralston was the representative Democrat, and Will Jensen the Republican.

When asked if either of them actually supported the candidates, their answers were very different. Ralston only supported Biden for the purpose of removing Trump from office.

“Biden is too moderate and not who I would vote for if I had the choice.” Ralston says. He also feels that Biden has more political experience. Although Ralston thinks that Biden is too moderate he also agrees with Biden’s stance on climate change and Police Reform.

Jensen however, supports President Trump fully

“He’s one of the best Presidents we have ever had” although he can see why people may not like him due to his abrasive nature, in fact, Jensen doesn’t like that about him. Jensen admits that they both have histories doing the job but claims that Joe Biden isn’t up to the job.

“I don’t think Joe Biden is up to the task at all”-Will Jensen

Trump’s winning factor to Jensen is that he keeps his word.

“…he promised to put up a wall and he did. He promised to put in Republican judges and courts and he did” says Jensen. The way the Biden has won Ralston over is simply because Biden’s views align better with his and he wants Trump removed from office.

You may be wondering, “What is so bad about Trump that people are voting for Biden simply to get Trump out of office?” Many don’t like his personality.

“He is a bully, who goes after people with no reasoning, as well as using the office to move himself forward, and give himself the spotlight.” Says Ralston

“Trump is a bully. His first response to criticism is to bully other candidates, such as name-calling and going after their families”-Ralston

Of course Ralston is referring to the names Trump gave to his opponents, such as “Sleepy Joe” and “Pocahontas” (Elizabeth Warren) He also refers to Trump going after Hunter Biden in the debate for his struggles with drugs.

Jensen doesn’t support Joe Biden because of two things. One is that Biden is old, and is “kind of losing his mind a little bit.” Jensen claims. For context Trump is seventy-four years old and Biden is seventy eight in November. The second is “he has a bad track record of passing bills I don’t like” Jensen added, referring to the Crime Bill of 1994.

Now when asked which candidate they honestly think is going to win, they had similar answers. For Jensen, it changes every day. Advantages for one side come and go so quickly it’s hard to tell. Ralston mirrors the message of being unable to know, but rather than the coming and going of advantages being to blame, for him it’s the electoral college. He compares it to the election in 2016, where Hillary won the popular vote, but lost the election.

In conclusion they both had a few words.

“Please vote for Biden and get Trump out office” Ralston said.

“Everyone needs to remember that we are all Americans and we need to be kind to each other”  Jensen’s last words for Davis High to hear.

It’s clear that this presidential election is a very divisive issue across all of the United States, even areas that seemingly lean towards one side or the other. It will be very interesting to see what the outcome of this election will be, and how the country will react.

Unfortunately, we won’t know right on election day. We will have to wait until all the mail-in ballots have been counted, but until then, hopefully we can get through this together. Although you may love one candidate and despise the other, Roundy has some words of comfort.

“America is greater than any one president. America has survived with greater and lesser men. We will be fine with either.”-Roundy