Mary Reid: Superstar Athlete?!


Safina Rehman, Writer

Mary Reid, an amazing athlete and team player at Davis High, shows her enthusiasm and love for Davis by getting involved in school sports and dedicating her time and effort towards it. 

Being a gymnast for most of her life, she has gained a lot of strength and skill when it comes to athletics. During her last year at Davis, she has decided to join the new girls wrestling team and has enjoyed every second so farShe has a love for running, and is excited for her third season of track and field. But she’s not only fast on the track. Mary has also excelled on the Davis swim team her sophomore and junior year. With all her strengths and talents, she strives to contribute as much as she can for her team.  

“Sports are so important to me and they make me feel closer to all the students, teachers and coaches. I love the feeling of hard work and want to become better in all aspects.”  

Since starting off in senior year, Mary hasn’t let COVID-19 affect her bubbly and bright spirit. She continues to connect with her classmates and improve her athleticism, even though there are fewer school days and sport meetsMary spends her days during the pandemic working, studying, practicing, and hanging out with close friends. Although she still does have feelings of anger and frustration towards times like these, she takes it all out on the wrestling mat. 

“It’s a way to get aggression out. Makes you feel strong and powerful.”  

After high school, Mary wants to go on a mission and share her love and belief of her religion. She then wants to attend Utah State and go into law enforcement to serve those in her community. Her goal for this year is to push herself as much as she can and enjoy her final moments in high school 

Mary is one of those people that represents school spirit and brings in a positive attitude everywhere she goes. Those that know her know the love and care that she has for people, and they know how passionate and eager she truly is. 

“She’s a really hard worker and is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met” said Abby Nelson. 

She has learned the value of being kind early on in life and continues to share her warmth everywhere she goes.