The Work Life During Covid-19


Parker Johnson

Teenagers face difficult times while searching for jobs. “It is hard enough to find a job you are actually interested in when the only jobs available to us are fast food and retail, and Covid isn’t making it any easier.” said Ashton Johnson, he then continues to say “I have had 3 different jobs this year just to stay busy, either they don’t have enough hours for me to work or they ended up shutting down because of the virus.”
Many employers had to let a large number of their staff go just to stay in business, and many others completely shut down. Ashton talks about the importance of him having a job “I have 3 siblings, one of them is in college, and my mother is a single parent. I constantly need a job to help support my family. I have worked this year in fast food, fireworks, farm work, and am currently working at a dry-cleaner. My dream job is to be a chef, but no one hires a cook who is under 18, so I am forced to work minimum wage jobs where the pay is kind of pathetic.”
Ashton’s story isn’t that uncommon. Many students work to support their family and barely get by with the poor wages they have if they are lucky enough to get a job in the first place. The virus has even created hard ships for the adults who believed they had a permanent and stable job. However, jobs are still continuing to appear for those who are persistent and wish to be working during this time.
It may not be easy, but it is possible in certain situations and circumstances. Jobs are even opening up locally throughout the state. At places such as local grocery stores, entertainment, fast food, and so much more.