Teaching Methods: What Does Davis Prefer?

Teaching Methods: What Does Davis Prefer?

JJ Brough

Davis High School students are now having to deal with new systems of learning, but which one do they prefer?

Out of the people who were asked, most wanted to go back to only having school.

Online Only: 20%

School Only: 42%

Hybrid Schedule: 38%

Many sources had many things to say, but for each side it fell under a general consensus, those who want to go to full school say that’s just what they prefer and how they learn better, which is more than fair, and those who want full online either excel at it, or they simply want to avoid the virus spreading and are against physical contact.

Those who want hybrid are rare, seeing as its neither one or the other, but they generally preferred to be able to sleep in and work online some days and still get to go to school, and also fall under the idea that we shouldn’t gather in groups too often

Part of the reason why hybrid and school only are so close would be that some people answered based off of what they want, the ideal. Others answered based on what we need to do, what is the smartest in the current situation. Some said that while they do want full time at school, the logical choice would be to do the hybrid schedule, if not to do full online as the other extreme is arguably safer, if not the best for everyone.

A large portion of it also comes down to the teachers that some students have, some of them said their teachers don’t handle online as well, after all, it is an entirely new method of teaching.

At the end of the day, the best thing that could happen is the school doing whats best for all of us. To choose the method that helps the most people, or even to give options like other school districts have been doing.

Giving parents and students the option to either do online, hybrid, or at school could help a lot of people out who don’t want to follow, or necessarily agree with, the majority. Regardless of the way we learn, we should all do our best to strive in our fields, good luck Davis!