Does everyone have a favorite teacher this year? Because mine’s Mrs. Whitlock


Matt Rindi, writer

Everyone has a favorite teacher. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Whitlock, because her class has been so interesting. The things you learn in her Psychology class has really helped calm my curious brain about topics like why we sleep and how powerful psychological things can control your life. She was able to receive a national award for the achievements she was able to accomplish in her 31 years of teaching. This is why and how she was able to receive such an amazing award. They have never given out this type of an award to teachers before. Because of her contribution to her teaching, she received that award by just doing what she does best.  The award she was able to receive was from the society for the teaching of psychology. One of the things she loves to go and do is teaching! She teaching about psychology.

You would be able to tell straight away that she loves to teach because of how she expressed her emotions during the interview we had together today. When we were talking, the body language that Mrs. Whitlock had conveyed that she really enjoyed teaching that class. Spending time with her family sounded like a very important priority for her. She loves the time she gets with her family. Also in her spare time, she loves to go hiking with her family. She has two older sons and a younger daughter. She’s been able to travel with her family around the world. They’ve been to some pretty cool places in the world. She explained that she enjoys reading. I didn’t really have enough time to ask her what she likes to read. But I bet she has really good taste. I asked her if she plans on teaching in the new two years. This is what she had to say:

“Well, I think I want to teach for a while, so that I can teach my youngest. Because I taught my two oldest boys in my class.”

She explained to me that both of them were able to major in psychology, which was so cool! They were able to follow in their mothers footsteps a little.

If you are ever curious about things, this class would be the right class for you. It really gives you some great insight on life. The definition of psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and it’s functions, especially those that effect behavior in a given context. Pretty much the usage of your brain, how it thinks, and why it thinks that way. You may think that this class is just about the mind, but it’s so much more. It’s practically the whole body as well. A fun fact: when you are in deep sleep it’s harder to wake up. Also, you are only in deep sleep for about an hour, then you go up to REM which is just a scientific term meaning light sleep in the middle. The first day taking this class I realized that this was like the greatest class I could’ve thought of.  Because these questions that I had about psychology was answered so beautifully. And I have to thank Mrs. Whitlock for guiding me in this class. The information was so amazing and wonderful. At the start of this story, I doubted that I would be able to do this type of story, but by the end of the day, I learned that it wasn’t so hard to do after all. This story spotlight was a great opportunity to experience the type of things reporters and journalists do for their job. I’m glad this story was about my favorite teacher. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been nearly as motivated.