Mr. Jolley joins Davis High

Mr. Jolley joins Davis High

Shelby Steele, Writer

Mark Jolley makes the switch from Syracuse High School to Davis High School early January 2020 because of a district administrator switch-up.

After being at 3 other schools, Mr. Jolley, the assistant principal, recalled upon his 12 years of being an administrator to differentiate our students here at Davis  High from students at the other schools. Davis students are well-behaved, smart, and “we have more students in AP and CE classes here at Davis than any other school I’ve been at”, said Jolley. He spent a year at Woods Cross, 7 years at Clearfield, and 3 at Syracuse before coming over to his first year at Davis.

Prior to his many years as an administrator, Mr. Jolley was originally a Spanish teacher at Sunset Jr. High and was working two other jobs. His passion for helping students first started at Sunset Jr. High where he translated for a young girl and her family while she was being disciplined. He continued to teach Spanish as well as Special Ed., Driver’s Ed., and Health. Mr. Jolley decided to become an administrator because of a desire to help people. It also made sense to continue to financially support his wife and 6 kids without working 3 jobs.

His family life has always been active, even as a young adult. He ran track and cross-country in High School and in college while attending Weber State University. Jolley excelled in long-distance running and competed in the 5000 meter run, the 10,000 meter run, and he steeplechase. Staying active has always been important to Mr. Jolley and continues to play a major role in his current family life. They enjoy boating up at Willard Bay, their favorite lake, as well as fishing and golfing.

Fortunately, the administrative duties across schools are relatively similar as he is in charge of the master schedule – which includes when teachers have prep periods – as well as local and district case managements. He is also the main discipline administrator and is over the athletics department. There are also times when Mr. Jolley observes classroom environments with other administrators.

Davis is very excited to have another wonderful addition to our administrative staff and welcomes Mr. Jolley with open arms.