Attention Incoming Sophomores!

Davis photography

Davis photography

Greta Svagr, Writer

Listen up all you incoming sophomores! High school is the next step in your life and we want you all to enjoy it, so here is some advice on how to NOT go through the pain.

The biggest point to mention and probably the most significant is: TIME MANAGEMENT! This cannot be stressed enough; whatever classes you’re taking, whatever sports/clubs/activities you’re involved in, and whatever else you have going on in your life, organize it! Here are some tips…

  1. Spread Out Homework Assignments and Studying. By getting in the habit of doing homework (even if it’s just a little bit) everyday you can dramatically decrease stress. Rather than cramming and finishing it all last minute, which usually results in poor, rushed work and lower grades, spread it out.
  2. Get a Planner. Planners are a great way to write down and lay out your schedule. You can organize activities, events, assignments for school and add any notes. This method of organization has proved to be a beneficial and smart way to manage our crazy lives.
  3. Don’t Overdue It. We all want to excel in school, graduate, and eventually get a job. Therefore many students pile on difficult classes and responsibilities, anything to spruce up college resumes…right? As great as this is, don’t push it. You’ll just end up overwhelmed, taking on more than you can handle.

To shed light on some personal experience from a former sophomore at Davis,

“My first year of high school was really rough, I was taking all honors classes, taking AP, and playing sports. I just couldn’t keep up. I felt trapped in this continuous spiral of stress and sadness. So, my advice to incoming sophomores would be to take it step by step, enjoy high school, work hard, and most importantly don’t give up! I gave up and looking back I wish I never did.”

So all you new sophomores, be smart, work hard, manage your time, and have fun. We wish you all the best and good luck!