Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming…


Greta Svagr, Writer

With spirits high Davis’ swim team has started their first month of training off with a bang! Training began at the end of September and their first meet is going to be held in November.

It’s a strong group of athletes, determined to swim their way to victory and here’s how. With frequent training and rigorous workouts our swimmers work hard and aim to improve their performance. Not only does the team focus on strength and strategy to prevail, but they also understand the importance of fun. The students on the team hold a very special bond, they have sportsmanship, and are kind to one another. Like many of the other teams/clubs at Davis, the swim team is a family.

“Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. It’s not the sport itself that I love, it’s the people I do it with. Some of my best friends are on the swim team with me and I love swimming with them.”

Says Shandry Alman, a phenomenal human being and excelling swimmer.

What an awesome freaking team! Not to mention how intense the sport is. It takes so much out of the body and requires not only muscle power, but will power. However, this team faces much more significant issues because, although they have control over their own physical and mental strength, they don’t have control over the COVID pandemic. It’s agreed that the virus has altered life in extremely negative ways and all sports at Davis feel it.

The Davis swim team has to social distance and when they are out of the pool they are mandated to wear masks.

“We also are not allowed to have one of our favorite things, pasta parties.”

Says swim star Shandry.

With the swim season coming in hot, our swimmers are sure to submerge under these thick waters and come out…VICTORIOUS!