The Big, Bad, and Bold: Luke Johnson


Davis High senior, Luke Johnson is friend to all. If you have had the opportunity to be around him, you will know that he is one comedic guy. Luke is very athletic, he not only plays lacrosse but also basketball. Everyday Luke tries to be as productive as he can with daily goals that he sets for himself.

When asked what his favorite grade is he explained how much he enjoyed his 9th grade year at Centennial Jr High School.

“My favorite part of school is that I get to see my friend’s everyday” – Luke Johnson

Luke has a large friend group that loves to get together and play Xbox live. His personal favorite game is call of duty. Luke also enjoys spending time with his family. He has a full house of boys. His older brother Adam attended Davis High School as well.

“Luke Johnson is the one of the best lacrosse defensive player in the state” – coach Chad Barker.

Johnson plays proudly for Davis High. He has lead the lacrosse team in many victories in the past few years. Many of his team mates have mentioned how determined and hardworking he is throughout the game.

When out on the field he wears his lucky #7. Unfortunately Davis High isn’t lucky enough to have Luke Johnson as a basketball player but after school on his home turf he shoots some hoops.

Something inspiring I found about Luke is that daily he sets several goals for himself.

“I try to exercise, do my homework, and get to bed on time” – Luke Johnson

I find it important for high school students to set goals. Luke finds that when he accomplishes these goals he feels more productive and can be prepared for each day. We can all learn from Luke and follow his good example.