Anastasia The Musical: Set Building as Showdates Approach

Daniel Findlay, Staff

The Davis High theatre department will be the first to put on a stage production of Anastasia the musical opening on November 13th.

During this final month there is a rush to put everything together, especially when it comes to costumes, props, and the set. Stage crew along with many actor volunteers are building most of the set from scratch. As the deadline for completion looms nearer work becomes accelerated and more stressful.

“Over the last couple weeks I’ve put in about 40-50 hours working on the set. It’s really stressful to get everything done on time, we’re mostly there and are now just doing final touches at this point” – Collin Schmierer, a Senior at Davis High.

The majority of the set is new every year, some things are reused but most is constructed or bought durning the rehearsal process and is set up in the auditorium. This year there are several giant arches that are being built and hung.

“My number 1 worry is things falling on people, everything is safe but it is a big concern with heavy things” – Schmierer

In addition to massive arches, there are two large train compartments that move across the stage and background pieces that are 20 ft tall. Because of the ambition of the set it takes a lot of manpower and time to get work done on it.

It is important to finish the set relatively early because actors play a large part in transitioning between scenes and moving the set to create a seamless final product.

Many people have contributed to the set, cutting wood, screwing together platforms, and grinding and shaping the metallic items on set. This has created a unity among actors and the members of stage crew who are all working together. Even adults are volunteering as well and helping to weld and produce the most complex pieces of the set.

One of the largest set pieces is a two piece train body that is being made with a metal base that is welded together. The body looms over 14ft high and has a full wood paneled floor with benches and will be used for one of the large musical numbers in the show.

As finishing touches begin to be applied to the set excitement is growing as the show dates come closer and closer. The end goal is in sight and the work is getting done. Anastasia will be a production that you do not want to miss, it runs November 13-21 So make sure you get a ticket, seating is limited due to health department guidelines so make sure you pay attention to when you can come to a show.