What Ski Resorts Will be Open This Season?


As all of us know, skiing and snowboarding, and snow-based activities, in general, are a large part of Utah. People come from around the world to participate in winter sports here, and as such, the ski resorts are very important, but due to our current pandemic, how many of them are actually going to be open for the season?

Unfortunately, many resorts don’t know if and/or when they will actually be open this season or if they’re just going to stay closed. This is understandable, considering how unstable everything is right now, financially and such, but more than likely all of them will open eventually since tourists will be coming. The following are places that are unannounced on what their plan for winter is.

Beaver Mountain

Brighton Resort

Cherry Peak Resort

Powder Mountain

Woodward Park City

Luckily for us, many of them will be opening soon. Not all of the resorts are unannounced after all, we have to go skiing somewhere! So here are all of the resorts and their stated opening times for the year.

Alta Ski Area, November 21st

Brian Head Resort, November 20th

Deer Valley Resort, December 5th

Eagle Head Resort, December 18th

Nordic Valley December 4th

Park City Mountain, November 20th

Snowbasin Resort, November 25th

Snowbird, November 30th

Solitude Mountain Resort, November 20th

Sundance Mountain Resort, December 4th

So that’s all of them, and fortunately, they’re not all that far away from now, we will be having fun in no time if all goes according to plan. Hopefully, all of us can get out and have some fun to get away from the trouble, and have a good winter instead of spending it all indoors. The best of luck to Davis High, and have a good time up there in the mountains this holiday season.