The Bachelorette is Back…


Haley Lowery

The Bachelorette is a reality dating competition show that premiered on ABC in 2003. This show consists of 31 men and 1 woman, and the end goal is for the Bachelorette to choose one contestant and get engaged. However, the process to this ending is far from simple and the result is often complicated and usually ends in a way that is less than ideal.  

So, what keeps viewers interested in this show for 17 years if it almost always fails in the end? Sam Slatter (Sr.) claims that this is his favorite reality tv show because, “It’s funny to watch them get all mad over nothing.” 

This show has a reputation of being dramatic, and it never fails to exceed that expectation. However, this is most likely the reason why the show has been so successful for so long. Abby Nelson (Sr.) stated that she enjoys watching “The Bachelorette” because of,” all the cute boys.” 

The most recent season of “The Bachelorette” premiered on October 13th and is already proving to be problematic.  Clare Crawley claimed to have “met her future husband” after having a short interaction with him during the first night. Rumors have been spread about her quitting halfway through the season, which would be unprecedented in the show history. Emma Remington (Sr) believes that “She is going to ruin the whole season” and this opinion is shared by many other viewers.  

“The Bachelorette” is a show that is enjoyed by many students and teachers at Davis High. Everyone is eager to see how this unexpected season will turn out, and Clare Crawley is guaranteeing for it to be a wild ride.