Covid Hobbies


Parker Johnson

If your anything like Jacob Hickenlooper you have probably started a new hobby since Covid-19 started to cope. Whether it be painting, learning a new instrument, reading, or anything else it is important to have something that will keep you busy and learning while there is nothing else to do.

Jacob decided that he wanted to join the Davis High Cross Country team “One day I ran into the coach of the team and we started talking about the boredom that comes with the covid life. He then told me about cross country and how much fun it is, so I went to the first meet and now I’m apart of the team”. Jacob says that even after Covid-19 ends he plans to keep on going to cross country, he then continues to say “At first I hated cross country, I did not enjoy it at all, but I made some friends on the team that are very encouraging and helped me train better. Running is now one of my favorite hobbies”.

Like Jacob, a former student from Granger Highschool named Yolanda Sparks has also found different ways to stay busy over the course of this year “I got so bored during quarantine I just went out and got a job to stay busy after I made enough money I decided to buy a Nikon camera and I started learning photography which so much fun but photography is a very expensive hobby”.

After asking for advice on how to start a new and enjoyable hobby, Yolanda says “Think of things you enjoyed in your childhood that you would still enjoy now, it doesn’t have to be one specific thing it can be multiple or even a hobby you use to have but forgot about. Also, find something that will make you forget about your day, a hobby is a sort of coping mechanism that can help relieve the stresses of your day, a good hobby should make you forget to eat or sleep like photography has done for me”.