The Pros of Graduating as a Junior


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Matt Rindi, writer

There are things you don’t ever think about until you make the actual decision that could totally change your perspective in that choice. But things like that are usually way before high school. It’s like it’s been your idea of a future you want to succeed in. But sometimes, those choices you make can cause sadness. That’s what happens when you have different goals and career choices. If everyone was the same, there would be so many people with the same ideas and career. Which would cause lots of companies to go out of business.

Graduating as a junior can be great. You don’t have to worry about any classes. But graduating as a junior can be very stressful just because of the things you need to do and all these extra class assignments. But if you’re like me and 17 and a junior, you would be turning 19 if you stayed until your senior year. No thanks! I would prefer to graduate at age 18! There are other things that can pull you to graduate early as well. And it’s not at all bad to graduate high school early! Not to colleges anyway. They’re looking for smart, motivated kids, so early graduation is a positive sign to them. And as a junior, you’re graduating early, but not so early that you’ll be completely out of place with the usual high school graduate. Another reason why you might want to graduate early is you might want to start your next education phase early. You might want to pursue an opportunity before college. You could like the idea of entering the workforce as soon as possible. Or you just simply don’t enjoy high school. In my case, it was just wanting to graduate and live my life. Which is kind of funny because my username has the year I’m wanting to graduate. Which is almost a coincidence it’s like they knew I wanted to go and graduate. It’s like destiny!

Graduating can really help people with their success in life. When you graduate early, it gives you time to grow up and do things, find jobs, and figure out what you’re gonna do in order to make graduating early and worth it. Graduating early gives you a boost in the life that will help you learn and experience all types of things that will make you stronger due to the opportunity to venture through them. It helps you get closer to that career you’re wanting to work towards. People that graduate early  know what they want to do for their career. Friends can be strong peer pressure because they might want you to stay. This is what McKay Willmore had to say,

“I don’t think graduating at 11th grade is ideal because, if you graduate as a senior, you will have more time to experience the rest of high school.” William Zerkle explained this to me,

“Graduating early wasn’t what I wanted to do, because I’m thinking of going for a teaching career.” Mason Chamberlain said, “Don’t leave. You’re the life of party of our group! You make it so great to be friends with everyone.”