Top 5 Teacher Pet Peeves


The student-teacher dynamic at Davis High is very healthy most of the time, but, let’s be honest, we annoy each other sometimes. From early on in their careers, teachers have noticed specific annoying characteristics of students and developed pet peeves for them. Below are the top 5 teacher pet peeves about students.

#1  When students are obviously not listening while they are teaching. Students are often caught playing on their cell phones, working on other homework, or listening to music with their earbuds while the teacher is in the middle of a lecture or explanation. This annoys teachers because it shows that the hard work and effort that they put in to preparing the lesson is going unappreciated by their pupils.

#2 When students interrupt class to make excuses for being late. If a student comes into class late while the teacher is teaching, they would much prefer if the student came in quietly so as to minimize the disruption caused to the class by their entrance. However, most students come running in and yell out their excuses for their tardiness causing a major disturbance to the class while the teacher is trying to do their job.

#3 When multiple students ask the same question about something that was explained at the beginning of class. This shows that the students were not being attentive and it requires the teacher to repeat themselves over and over again which can be very frustrating.

#4 When students send ridiculous emails. Students will often email their teachers asking what they missed in class when there is a calendar on Canvas that outlines everything the student needs to know and answers every question the student might have. Another example is when students email their teachers asking them to update their grades. Teachers will get to it the moment they have the chance, but they will not pause their lives or other work projects to update a student’s grade just because the student’s parents have taken their phone away.

#5 When students don’t use class time wisely. Students will often misuse their time in class assuming that they can get it done fast at home, but then end up getting really stressed out because they don’t have enough time to finish their work. This is very disrespectful to teachers who are trying to help their students by giving them time to work in class.

Hopefully this list enlightens students about the disrespectful, annoying way that they sometimes treat teachers and that it gives them a new appreciation for our beloved Davis staff.