What is the Yearbook Doing Amongst COVID Chaos?


Daniel Findlay, Staff

Every year almost all students buy a yearbook, it contains everyone’s pictures as well as documentation of most everything that happened during the school year. However, this year there is a big chunk of the book is missing, almost 400 students across the 3 grades did not get there picture taken at the beginning of the year and so if they don’t get their picture taken soon they will not be covered with the rest of the students.

“About 300 student’s didn’t get their picture taken, so we will come pull them out of class and take their pictures against the wall” -Savannah Karchner, A Senior Yearbook Editor

The main part most students look at in the yearbook is the people pages to find their picture and their friends, not only will much of this be displaced or gone because of missing pictures, but also several events throughout the year have been canceled leaving space where things normally would have been covered.

Assemblies, dances, and concerts are only a few of the missing things from the yearbook that the coronavirus has taken from us. Instead there has to be new coverage of what is happening this year. Instead of a homecoming dance spread there may be one about how you get social interaction when you are social distancing. Instead of our welcoming assembly we get to explore how people have adapted and learned to use online learning and only coming to school 2 times a week.

“We have created different spreads that haven’t been covered in previous yearbooks, and we are using our creativity and problem solving to fill the book” -Savannah Karchner, A Senior Yearbook Editor

With these difficulties the most important thing you as the student body and as parents is to make sure you get covered. On the dartboard there are surveys to fill out and teacher superlatives that if you fill out you can be quoted and covered in the yearbook.

While struggling through a pandemic it is our cooperation that will help the school rise and be able to do it’s best. By participating in school and taking initiative for being a part of the school we will will all have a great school year.