My Review of The First Episode of The Mandalorian Season Two


When you are like me, to fully understand the whole story, I have to re-watch season one to prepare for the new season of Mandalorian. I liked how he was able to talk to  the sand people. And that The Marshall was wearing the Mandalorian’s Baskar armor. My first thought is “how was he able to get that armor!?” Mando was going to the Outer Rim to search for Baby Yoda’s people.

And then he came into onto this planet that was really western. And then this guy came into this bar and asked Mando what he’s doing here. He said he was looking for a type of people. He also asked him how he got that armor, and told him to take it off. Marshall said “look, I’ll make a deal with you” or something like that. Mandalorian told him that he will help him with whatever he needed to do. So they went to talk to these sand people or the Tuskan Raiders. So they had to deal with this ancient beast called the Kyrat Dragon. It had been eating so many people.

And they feed the dragon to make it sleep much longer. At the end of the episode, he still hasn’t found the people where the Baby Yoda came from. But if I type too much, I will spoil it for you. That’s as much as I can say for now, but It was a really nice new episode for us to watch. Sadly, there’s not a whole season that were able to watch. WHAT IS WITH THAT! Overall, it’s the greatest episode of Mandalorian because he can talk to sand people. How the Mandalorian was able to do that amazing work and teamwork with the people and the sand raiders.

Cannon Blaser liked it it because “He’s a really good character.” He is very intrigued to see the next ones. He enjoyed how the Tusken Raiders were communicating instead of trying to kill them. He feels that it was great to not have found Baby Yoda’s people because they need to put it far into the season to create suspense.

Though it’s quite interesting that Marshall ran out to not get killed and die from the raiders when he had things to defend himself. It’s almost like when he wears that Baskar armor he feels he can do anything. When he didn’t have that armor, he felt unable to defend his town from the raiders and the desert worm.

My friend McKay explained this to me, “That episode of Mandalorian was so amazing! There was such a smoking gun with Marshall wearing Mandalorian Armor! It was like ‘whoa why does he have that’ ?!”