Hybrid schedule-Helpful or Harmful?


Haley Lowery

The newly created “hybrid” schedule has allowed Davis to open and stay open for two months now. This weird schedule is another thing that has been thrown at Davis High students because of Coronavirus, but both students and teachers have adapted and fallen into a routine with the half in person and half online instruction. However, there are many aspects of the hybrid schedule that is appealing, and similarly many aspects of this schedule that is negative. 

First, there are several positive aspects of a Hybrid schedule. The opportunity to be at home several days a week allows for more free time for students. One of the biggest appeals of the hybrid schedule to students is the opportunity to sleep in every other day. Also, with winter rapidly approaching, the opportunity to not have school 3 times a week is something that will attract anyone who enjoys winter sports such as skiing.

However, there are many negative aspects of hybrid learning. Teachers are at the school all week and must balance the online and the in-person learning. This can lead to bad communication and a difficulty to reach students if they are struggling. Another negative impact is reduced time in person. This is difficult for students because they cannot receive some of their lessons adequately. At Davis High, many students take AP or CE classes which are challenging and a higher workload. These classes present a challenge when students are not able to receive important face-to-face instruction. 

Liz Brown, a senior at Davis High, enjoys hybrid because of the flexibility, but is excited to return to 4-day classes. “AP classes are difficult, and I can’t wait to have more in-person class time with my teachers.” Opinions on the hybrid schedule vary between students, some love it where as others miss the regular schedule. Hybrid schedule also prohibits students with interactions that they would usually have with students who attend school on different days than them. 

The decision to switch back to a 4 day a week schedule was decided recently and is planned to put into place starting November 2nd. Is this a good ideaSome may argue that it will allow students to better learn and have better instruction. However, with the recent spike of cases, and schools getting shut down within Davis county, is this really the smartest and the safest decision?