Uinta, Sammy Brue, and the garden plot band


Gabe Franklin

On October 29th the Uinta band from Davis high school put together a concert. It included the garden plot band and the grinders. Garden plot band is also from Davis high school. Many people from Davis high school showed up. There were around 50 presale tickets and many bought at the door.

Davis high school students came together and had the greatest time. New friendships made, people laughing, cheering, singing. This night brought people from all over together, with social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines still in place.

The Uinta band has been together for around a year and has played 7 shows together!

Garden plots have been together for around 6 months and have played 3-4 shows together already. Both of these bands from Davis high school have 1 song each out on all platforms and are well known by our great school Davis high school.

Their whole goal is to spread positivity and share their great talent in music and touch the hearts of these students and people from all over. They are trying to make it big. They have such a great passion for sharing their music.

They are just a group of friends who came together with their instruments and made something great come from it. For the Uinta band, Greg Page is the lead singer and plays guitar, then we have Lincoln Baird on guitar, Jake Needham on drums, and then Levi Clark on bass and keyboard.

The garden plot band consists of Baxter Adams on vocals, Tanner Stuart on guitar, Gavin Cox on bass, Alex Schaefer on guitar, and Ian Edgar on the drums.

There are many more concerts to come. And many more friendships to be made. It’s hard to stay positive in these trying times, but this concert sure did bring a smile to a lot of people’s faces. These activities are what make high school relationships grow and start. It’s a place where every student/teenager doesn’t have to worry about a thing and can just be who they are!