How to Avoid ‘Senioritis’

Brielle Schrader, Writer

Every student comes to a point in their lives where the motivation bar drops to zero, and things like homework and grades don’t seem to matter anymore. This usually happens to kids in their senior year, but in MY case, this happened around my sophomore year. So I consider myself to be quite the expert in the subject. Here are three things you can try to help avoid senioritis.

Set Goals:

Setting goals is one of the best ways to cure lack of motivation. Setting short-term and long-term goals will help you stay on task and keep you focused. Haley Lowery says that thinking about graduation helps keep her motivated.


No one looks forward to doing their homework, but we do look forward to things like food, clothes, movies, video games, etc. So what you need to do is reward yourself after you complete one of your goals. You can do small rewards like play a video game for short-term goals and big rewards like going to dinner or a movie for your long-term goals.

Don’t Stress:

This may vary between people, but I find that a lot of kids get overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork they are given, so they just avoid it and hope it goes away. I find that it is best to take it one assignment at a time and try to space out your homework instead of saving it till the night that it’s due.

Aiden Morton says “Try to attend school and don’t skip.” This will make it easier to not fall behind.

And there you have it, the best ways to avoid/cure senioritis. Hopefully. 🙂