The challenges of being a small Youtuber


Matt Rindi

What are the reasons it’s hard being small Youtuber. Why is it challenging to be a startup channel? Because you need to find out what you enjoy doing, and what your audience likes to see. Find what videos work the most, how you speak, what type of things and videos you say and do. Then your reputation of the type of  Youtuber that you are and act like. And when you act the same or different in your videos, people like you the same. Find what videos work the most for your channel and work towards that. What type of videos that people enjoy to see, how the things they watch they will like. It’s a struggle to gain 1,000 subscribers. It’s truly hard just because you can never make everyone happy, which makes it so hard to keep it steady. Because keeping the subscribers is one of the worst challenges. I have had such a struggle keeping my subscribers for some reason, which doesn’t make sense. I feel like my Instagram account is doing so much more then my YouTube. And when you start out as a small YouTuber, the challenges with you and your start out equipment. you don’t really have enough stuff to do things. And things you need for your channel can be very expensive. The lights and things just a lot of important light kits and green screen. It’s really good to have a nice mic, also a voice changer is good to have because you can use those funny voices. Which is pretty cool because you can troll people. It’s so funny haha! Also you never want to give up on your channel just because they don’t like your channel. But I’ve got some information on this issue. I’ve asked two of my friends to talk to me about their channel. Jacob Coles was really really excited. When he lost subscribers, he kept on going at it which is the great thing to do. He’s been so excited that he’s been in the youtuber business for five years. He’s gonna try doing videos as well in five years. Mason Chamberlin said, “When I first started, I felt like it wasn’t going anywhere.” The person who influenced me to do the YouTube business.” he still feels like it’s not going anywhere.  He told me if there was any chance in any day that he would be giddy that he got 200 more subscribers.” “If you got sponsored by a company for your channel what would you do? I would use it towards YouTube. ” This is the greatest time to become a youtuber. You are able to fulfill it because there will be other things in life that will make it all go away. That’s why, if you feel like you want to become a youtuber, it’s more fun then anyone really realizes. It’s kind of a awesome challenge. You will be able to be yourself on your channel. Which is really cool that you can do that. People say you need to change, but changing for your channel is so much different. Which is amazing because Youtubers if they don’t want to have a normal job they can have a very unique one.