Covid Vaccines: How do They Function?


JJ Brough

Finally, as some may know, we are getting vaccines for Covid-19 being developed and with those, we can hopefully end this all. Of course that’s assuming that people actually take the vaccine, which we should do, and to encourage that let me explain how the vaccine works and how harmless it actually is to us.

The purpose of this article from here on out is purely informational, so I won’t go into depth on conspiracy theories that the government is injecting things into us, as much as some might enjoy entertaining the ideas. In reality, vaccines are essential and they are a scientific miracle, but they require us to work together to all use it to prevent the spread indefinitely.

To understand how the Covid-19 vaccine works, we need a basic understanding of how normal vaccines function as well. A normal vaccine gives the body a small dosage of a virus so our body develops a safeguard against it and is able to prevent the virus from hurting us the second time around. This is why, after some of you may have caught the virus, you haven’t gotten it again, because your body is protecting you against it.

The Covid-19 vaccines are unique in the fact that one of the developing vaccines prevents the need for us even to take a small amount of the virus, if that is a concern of yours. It uses mRNA to produce proteins unique to Covid-19. Upon seeing this, our body will recognize it as something that needs to be gone and remove it and make new lymphocytes that will prevent it from ever entering again. Through that method, when our body sees Covid-19 it will eliminate the virus because it shares the protein that it removed earlier.

Of course, there are vaccines that share the method discussed earlier by giving us a small and harmless amount of the virus to the point where we don’t get sick. The company Moderna has already developed a working vaccine, with a 94% success rate of preventing the virus as a whole, and a 100% success rate at preventing severe cases, these are really huge numbers. So if we work together to all take it, we may be able to turn the tide of this quarantine.