The Mandalorian: Episode 2 Review


Cannon Blaser

In The Mandalorian chapter 10, “The Passenger”, The Mandalorian Din-Jarin continues his search for other Mandalorians hoping they know where he can take Baby Yoda, or The Child.

The Mandalorian is tipped off by an old friend on Tatooine that a Mandalorian covert is nearby. The only catch is that he has to take an alien mother and her podlings to her homeworld and he can’t use the hyperdrive, which is extremely dangerous. To add to the stress of non-hyperdrive travel, the Mandalorian cannot understand the language the alien mother is speaking and The Child has a knack for eating the mother’s eggs.

About a third of the way through the trip the Mandalorian is “pulled over” by New Republic x-wings patrolling the area. This is bad because he is wanted for raiding a New Republic prison ship. After stalling for a while they figure out he is a wanted criminal and makes a run for it.

When trying to escape The Mandalorian crash-landed on a snowy, icy planet and his ship “The Razorcrest” was badly damaged. While trying to fix the ship and keep The Child from eating the alien eggs. The mother is getting worried about her eggs freezing to death and seeks someplace warm to keep her eggs.

The Mandalorian notices the mother is missing and tracks her to a natural hot spring in an ice cave. The Mandalorian tells her they need to leave. While helping the mother gather her eggs The Child gets curious and accidentally wakes up a huge nest of spiders called Krykna.

Realizing they are in danger The Mandalorian grabs The Child and they and the mother sprint out of the cave. The spiders continue to chase them out of the cave. They finally reach The Razorcrest and when trying to start it up and escape a huge spider jumps onto their ship, damaging it even more.

After they think all hope is lost, the New Republic patrol comes back and kills the spiders. The New Republic patrol looks him up and lets him go because of all the good he had done.

The Mandalorian gets the ship working and the episode ends with him and the mother shooting into orbit on their way to the mother’s homeworld.

This episode was easily the funniest out of the season so far. I appreciate all the fan nods and the callbacks to other Star Wars episodes and tv shows. I enjoyed the directors and producers’ cameos that keep popping up in episodes. I also enjoyed the practical props such as the mother and The Child. This was a great episode and I’m sure many Star Wars fans will enjoy it.