Spotlight: Bryson Cunningham, hip-hop guru


Lizzie Bodily, Writer

There are so many students at Davis High school that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Sometimes talented students aren’t recognized as they should be, or their talents aren’t well known. But everyone deserves a chance to shine. So today, I’m going to recognize one such student with many skills: student Bryson Cunningham.

Bryson is a junior at Davis this year, and his favorite part of school is seeing his friends. He is personable and friendly, which makes him a valuable part of his friend group. However, like everyone, he has at least one thing about school he doesn’t enjoy.  Cunningham’s is quite relatable: “Mornings,” he said. “Getting up so early is no fun”. Talk about a mood! His favorite class is English because of his favorite teacher, Mr. Frey. “Frey is so cool,” says Cunningham. Sometimes the teacher makes the subject, as we all know.

But there is more to him than school. In his free time, Cunningham enjoys playing basketball with his friends and dancing in the style of hip-hop, hence his title. “I do it competitively,” he explains. “We have a choreographer who comes in and teaches us the moves, and we practice them all year. Then in March, we go to competitions”. Cunningham enjoys dancing with his team and says that this is what he considers to be the coolest thing about himself.

An interesting fact about Cunningham that few people know is that he was actually born dead. “They had to take me to the emergency room and give me air and stuff,” he explained. He was also born “clubfooted”, meaning one of his feet was completely sideways. He explained that as a child, he wore a special device similar to a brace that helped his leg to move back into the normal position. “I think I still have it,” he says. “It helped me to be able to walk”. He’s not sure if it is related or not, but his left foot is smaller than his right.

Though he doesn’t often get recognized for it, Cunningham is certainly an example of an exciting student with many skills, and his dedication to his passions is inspiring to me. Hopefully, he inspires you too!