Reading Review – Harry Potter

Reading Review - Harry Potter

For a second, just one second, imagine this; a place where only our imagination limits us, possibilities beyond what are capable in our daily lives, where its hard to tell truth from lies and allies from enemies.

What came to mind? Perhaps your favorite book, and if you reading this is any indication, its probably Harry Potter.

Whether you’ve read the books or watched the movies, it doesn’t matter; we all have one similarity and that is we all loved what the story provides. Unless you don’t, but why would you be reading this if that’s the case? Now, the question to ask; what is it that the story provides?

A place for us to escape by simply turning ink covered pages or pushing play on TV remotes. We fell in love with the characters, fell in love with them falling in love, and to Hogwarts; which will hold a special place in our hearts even if our minds forget it.

That’s the effect of an outstandingly well written book or series of books; for us to not only watch the character through their struggles but to be there with them. We watched Harry grow, Ron grow, Hermione grow, as well as all the other characters.

We cried with Harry, laughed with Ron, learned with Hermione, and fought with everyone at the Battle of Hogwarts. If you can get your readers to feel the character’s emotions as J.K. Rowling did with Harry Potter, you are definitely doing something right.

Rowling’s amazing story telling ability not only centers on the reaction she evokes within her readers, but the characters’ she has created themselves. The list of complex characters seems never ending in the series and the secret behind how Rowling managed to make each one so, well, themselves is beyond comprehension to many.

This is only a couple reasons why Harry Potter is a favorite of many. And if you’re thinking of reading the books or watching the movies, then what are you waiting for?