Davis High goes Virtual


Haley Lowery

Davis School District is experiencing a record high number of Coronavirus cases. In result, Davis High School and numerous other schools have been placed on a “soft-closure” for two weeks. What’s a soft closure? This means that students will not be attending class in person, but will be joining each class virtually. In two weeks, school will open back up as normal, and the student body will return to Davis High.  

Liz Brown (Sr) exclaimed that “It’s not fun. It’s boring.” But she also explained that this schedule allows her to be more productive. Compared to 4-day school, she now has more time to do homework because of all the free time.  

However, she thinks that there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to dealing with this new schedule. When there is a lack of communication between students and teachers, students are often unsure what to do, resulting in confusion.  

Some students don’t mind that school has been shut down. Emma Remington (Sr) is enjoying the time off from school, and all the extra free time she now has. In fact, she was able to watch a whole season of the hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy”, in only 2 days. 

Is sending the whole student body back to school on November 30th a good idea? Or will this further encourage the spread of Coronavirus and create another shutdown? The new 4-day a week schedule didn’t even last a full 2 weeks before Davis High got shut down. This prompts the question of whether attending school 4-days a week, with the hybrid schedule, or virtually is best. 

This is a school year that is more unexpected than any of us could have imagined. None of these decisions are easy to make, but the Davis High administration is doing their best to keep students in school, while also promoting a safe learning environment.