As Temperature Drops: Winter Fashion


Daniel Findlay

Every year as temperature drops scarves, mittens, gloves, and giant jackets spring into action to fight the cold. The dropping temperature as winter approaches provides a chance to shift your fashion and get fancy with the holiday spirit or to bundle up in lots of cozy clothes.

During summer a T-Shirt and shorts may cut it but now as it becomes freezing and a blanket of snow wraps the ground you’re gonna need to wear more layers. And to many this is the best time of the year for clothing.

Some may argue to wait until December to bundle up tightly but even during fall is a perfect time to start wearing festive clothes and bringing out scarves, jackets, and boots with your everyday outfits.

“The right time all depends on the place, person, and situation. For me, coats come out during fall, and full on boots/scarves/gloves when it starts to snow. Or just whenever you feel like it. Style is all about confidence babe” -Eliza Taylor, a senior at Davis.

Indeed fashion is largely down to personal preference. Often people are afraid of standing out or looking dumb or stereotyped. But ultimately how you dress is up to you, whether you love winter or summer clothes, whatever you choose to wear be proud of it and enjoy the different seasons.

“Winter clothes are better, it’s much easier to style with different layers and I have a deep hatred for shorts” – Taylor

And with those extra layers it provides an opportunity to go more in depth and create a style that is really your own.

Some students may not like the cold, but it provides an opportunity to reevaluate your life. Now that we’re in the middle of school and schools shutting down it may be easy to stop caring about your appearance as much and just focus on school. But it could also be a positive way to motivate yourself everyday to get up and feel good.

By small things great works can come to pass and this is even true with fashion, its proven that when you feel good about your appearance it is easier to be happier, more productive, and even more motivated to do everyday tasks.

In the end fashion is up to you, so during this winter season as temperature drops and the holiday spirit sweeps in, wear whatever you want and enjoy it! Be proud of who you are and how you look whether that’s physically or how you dress. If it can make you happy that’s great!