The Theories of the Game Among Us


Matt Rindi, writer

Among Us is a murder mystery experience that is expanding to everyone around the world. There are also some dark secrets behind the plot of the game. But there are things in the game that are still unexplained. Like why and how was the imposter able to get on the space ship in the first place? Why is the Skeld the first map? There are so many theories that if we were able to have a story mode, we could better understand the plot. Plus, it would still be the same as multiplayer mode, just the character you play would have those crew members in the story line.

I’ve been trying to figure out every single little detail, but it’s kind of okay to not have it all make sense. But I’d like to know more about the story in order to fully understand the maps. Why did they choose the maps in that order? Because it does have some time travel and sci-fi but they are disguised as maintenance people to be safe and not get killed by the imposter. Also this game is also kind of like this 1987 movie. It’s very interesting how the game is almost like that movie. But what I find interesting is that they have the ship Skeld as the first map you play on because it would make more sense.

Well that’s what they want you to think! How it should REALLY start, is planet, then the Head Quarters, then the ship. We have never really been able to see what’s behind the Visors on the crewmates. So what exactly are they? Are they humans or different type of alien species? We don’t really have a lot of evidence that gives us enough information to know if any of these theories are true. But there is some evidence that the imposter is able to have weapons, but also it uses its tongue to kill you, so what do you think? So that evidence shows the imposter is a alien. But everyone loves a good mystery and a twist now and again. Which is excellent sense it’s kind of a murder mystery game! I must say that the change in scenery of the game genre. The sci-fi plot is excellent choice. But there should have been somethings before all of the three maps that you can play on one. There is to be told that there is gonna be a new update for the Among Us. There’s the new map, which is a cross over with henry stickmen. Which is definitely a really great idea. More things to distract us from the main story that the need to be focus to find out the true story plot. There will also be said that you would be a Among Us. Because of the rising popularity they were thinking it would be expanding on the game’s features instead of making a sequel.