When is it okay to listen to Christmas music?

When is it okay to listen to Christmas music?

Shelby Steele, Writer

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means. It’s FINALLY time for Christmas music… or is it?

There has always been a huge debate on the right time to listen to Christmas music and start getting into the holiday spirit, and it’s finally been settled. Is it really okay to listen to these uplifting, cheery, holiday tunes before other holidays?

Some people listen to Christmas music way before the set holiday season, like in September and October. The question is, why aren’t these months considered holiday months? Why does there have to be a specific time for Christmas music when we should be thinking of giving all year round?

According to a poll on KSL.com, 41% of people start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, as opposed to the other 59% who start listening the day after Thanksgiving.

Spotify put up a graph of when their listeners start playing Christmas music on the app, and the results are astonishing. In 2017, the first country that started listening to Christmas music was the Philippines on October 9th. The United States and Canada both started listening on November 11. While that may seem too early, some countries don’t start listening until the day of Christmas, December 25.

“The Philippines takes Christmastime very seriously—and kicks off the season months before any other country. To celebrate the holiday for as long as possible, Filipinos start shuffling their holiday playlists as early as September.”

Explained Spotify.

Essentially, it really all just depends on how serious you take Christmas and how early you like to listen to all the holiday hits. Everyone’s different and has their own personal opinion about when to start playing Christmas music.

So whether you listen in December or June, Christmas music is just music and it really doesn’t matter when you listen to it, because it’s your decision!