Jordan Phelps: and His Lovely Christmas Traditions


Andrew Barker

Davis High senior, Jordan Phelps was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions on Christmas traditions regarding families at our school. With Christmas coming up and people starting to celebrate their holidays differently, it would be great to find out more about how people spend it! Jordan claims he loves the holidays and spending time together when it comes to his family.

When asked about how he spends Christmas Eve with his family members, he answered that his family all gathers together at his Grandmas house. They always play board games and have a nice dinner as well as dessert. An absolutely wonderful way to spend the holidays.

“Our family loves watching the Grinch, its our favorite Christmas movie. We always eat a homemade dessert made by my grandma while we watch our movie.” – Jordan Phelps

Jordan wakes up on Christmas morning and his mom makes a wonderful breakfast made up of bacon, eggs and apple cider. He also shares a very important and fun tradition that not too many have heard of before, and that is to get a new nut cracker every year.

“Yeah, I have like 17 nut crackers that my mom has bought for me that I put up every December.” – Jordan Phelps

I asked Jordan what his favorite part of Christmas is and he responded with how much he loves giving gifts to others. The most important part of Christmas is giving happiness and gifts to his family and friends to help them to feel loved.

The expense of the gift isn’t what is important, it’s the sentiment in the gift that counts. The fact that someone cares about you enough to be thinking about you, especially during such crazy holiday preparations and especially during such a hectic year.