Faculty Spotlight: Mr. McCauley


Aspen Bishop

Recently I sat down to talk Mr. McCauley, a marketing teacher here at Davis High.

Although he considers himself a pretty mundane guy, there are definitely some really interesting and cool things about him, such as the fact that he has done some DJ work, and has a minor in coaching and coached a few sports at the last school he taught at. He also has a jersey with his name and number, from that school as well, even though he never played a sport!

Mr. McCauley is originally from Wisconsin and has taught here at Davis for 22 years. He has been a teacher for a total of 40 years.

Mr. McCauley likes Davis because of student behavior. He says that although the commitment varies, people are taught respect, so behavioral problems aren’t really present.

He moved to Utah shortly after he married his wife, who actually used to teach business here at Davis, because she was from Utah.

He decided to become a teacher because he had a really good experience with his business teacher in high school, and he had an interest in business. So he thought it would be interesting to try. “I think there was probably also a little bit of optimism or naiveness in there in terms of maybe I can affect a kid’s life like that teacher affected mine.”

In High School, he also ran hurdles. He talks about one race in which he ran hurdles and knocked down 8 of the 10 hurdles!

Mr. McCauley  decided to teach Marketing because he was interested in Business, but didn’t want to get into the accounting, and actually preferred the marketing aspect.

Outside of school, he runs a side business and that uses up a lot of his time. He also enjoys spending time listening to music (Contemporary Jazz and Classic Rock are his favorites) as well as spending time with his family.  He also has a ’74 MG that he likes to drive around in, with the top down in the summer.

Spending time with his family is something that is obviously very important to Mr. McCauley, as when asked for his favorite childhood memory, he stated that going camping with his Parents and sister rank pretty high.

“Just basically having time spent with family.” is what makes his memories valuable.

Going more into his values, he put an emphasis on hard work, responsibility, integrity and dependability. When asked what inspires him to get up and go to work, he says the fact that he has been hired to do a job.

I just have always been taught, if you’re hired to do a job, do the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do it, it doesn’t matter if you wish you had a different job, I just was always taught growing up that responsibility, to earn your pay.” He says. Having a responsibility to do what has been asked is what makes him want to work hard and do what is asked.