Snow-basin: Is it worth the money?


Andrew Barker

With the winter ski season coming up and the option of buying a pass still under review, there are a few things to consider this season. In previous years this may have not been as big of a tough decision but due to covid and all that is going on in our earth, it might be a tough decision.

The first thing to consider this ski season, is with it already being December 7th and only being enough snow to open two lifts, is it worth it. Usually, around this time, the snow is coming in heavy but this year it might be a light year when it comes to snow. If you are going to commit to buying a pass you have to have a good reason to go up and put time aside, and it will not be worth it if the snow is awful.

Another thing to consider before settling on a seven-hundred dollar pass is the money worth it considering the snow basin could potentially close due to Covid-19. Last ski season, Snow Basin got closed early and half of the season was put aside and many people were mad that no refund was given.

They offered a small discount to the people instead, which in my opinion isn’t the same. The money is a lot but it is worth it if you get the full experience of Snow Basin and this year, we won’t be getting an authentic snow basin experience.

The last thing to consider is the safety of skiing at a resort such as Snow Basin. Not many protocols are being followed at large resorts like snow basin. The lodges are filled with people and not properly sanitized and prepared for the next customer. Masks are not mandated which becomes a health hazard to everyone, not just the snow basin pass holders.