Spotify Wrapped 2020


Haley Lowery

If you’ve logged onto social media in the past week (and who hasn’t?) then you’ve definitely seen somebody post about their Spotify wrapped list. Spotify wrapped is released every December and gives each listener a personalized list about their music history from this year. 

For example, Spotify goes over all your listening history and tells you which song you listened to the most. This is sometimes unexpected.  But most often, it is expected and not very surprising. However, it is still cool to see which song you listened to the most throughout the whole year. 

Spotify will also provide you with the number of minutes you listened to in total. This shows how obsessive people are over music or not. Personally, I listened to 76,386 minutes of music, or 53 days straight.  Which definitely a little obsessive.

It gives you other facts, such as how many artists you listened to, and how many different genres you explored. Spotify also gives you a top 100 list of the songs you listened to the most, which is also really cool. If you have used Spotify for a while, it’s interesting to see how much your music has changed throughout the years.  

Another thing that comes along with Spotify wrapped is seeing the endless social media posts about individual listening history. Some argue that it’s annoying to see so many posts about others music. Others enjoy seeing what everyone is listening to and encourage people to post their individual statistics from Spotify. Personally, I think it is interesting to see everyone’s top artists and songs from the year. 

As bad as 2020 has been, it’s no doubt that some really good music has come out of this year. The worldwide quarantine from earlier this year was definitely boring. The release of new songs and albums helped to release the burden of how difficult that time was for everyone.  

Spotify wrapped is always a cool way to end the year. However, I think that it especially brought some extra happiness this year than it usually does because of how difficult this year has been. The end of 2020 is finally in sight, and the release of Spotify wrapped is just another thing signifying how close the new year is.