Long Hair Highschool

Long Hair Highschool

Ethan McKay, Journalist

The high school life is complicated enough as it is. But what if you add another thing to make it better or worse. Long hair is a thing that a boy does not usually have. But is has been in style and being a boy that has it there is some plus sides and some down sides.

My high school experience has been pretty good. I have not had any issues, but my hair really makes people say some things. I have been called a girl and people have told me that they did not know they invited the young women into the class. It is funny as long as you know they are joking and that they don’t mean to hurt you.

There is one benefit that I really like. And that is because it makes me stand out. It gives people a really easy way to recognize and find me. When people first look at me they look at my hair because it is unusual for a boy to have as long of hair as I have. And it is an easy way to get attention.

It also gives me something to talk about. A lot of people ask about my hair and it is easy to make a conversation out of it. It is a good way to talk and they usually ask a lot of questions about it. They ask how long it is and how long I have been growing it out for.

Honestly, I love my hair. It is a good way to joke around with people and a good way to talk to people. It is a little more maintenance, but it shows who I am and shows that there are ways other people can live. It is a great way to live and get recognized. I would recommend doing something similar for everyone.