Davis High Loves Abby Nelson


Safina Rehman, Writer

Abby Nelson, a senior at Davis High and friend to all, spreads her bubbly and bright soul all around Davis High School. Many know her as one of the kindest people there is. Born and raised in California, Abby moved to Kaysville 2nd term of her sophomore year. You can spot her in the halls beaming with joy and excitement as she always is.

Since being at Davis, Abby has made tons of friends through her involvement at school. She enjoyed being on the Davis High swim team her sophomore and junior year and is now on the Davis lacrosse team. She loves every game and practice with her teammates and shows plenty of school spirit.  She is happy to be a part of Davis and appreciates all her teachers and classmates.

“My favorite part about Davis is the people. There’s no energy or place that could match it.”

States Abby when explaining her love for Davis.

Other than sports, Abby also has many different hobbies. Outside of school she loves hanging out with her numerous friends and is always the planner of their eventful times. She likes bringing people together and would love to be an event planner one day.

“I don’t know why but I love event planning and just hosting and being in charge of big plans. Later in life I want to be able to plan and host important events for others, maybe even as a job”

She explained when talking about her future plans.

Abby is known as an all around good person and values friendship, family, loyalty, and honesty. The people who influence her the most are her older sister and mom who share many of these values with her.

“I look up to my mom a lot because she’s been through a lot and is very wise and inspiring to me.”

Abby Nelson hopes to continue helping people in life and, after high school, wants to have a career that involves social work with children. Many students at Davis High know the caring and positive person she is, and have no doubt she is going to continue to do good things in life.