Junk Drawers


Jordan Phelps

Nearly everyone has a junk drawer, a drawer that people toss all of their random items into when there is nowhere else to put them.

“My family definitely has a junk drawer, often times there are batteries, writing utensils, and smaller items that get thrown into this drawer without a second thought. There have even been times where we have had to take the drawer out completely because there was too much stuff in them. However, something nice about having the junk drawer is that all smaller items make their way to it, so if something is missing than that is not only the first place that’s checked but, it also is where most lost items get found.” – Brooklynn Crowley

This brings up the question, should everyone have a junk drawer or would it be better to find a place for everyone to begin with?

“Junk Drawers are a necessary evil while it would be nice to have everything perfectly organized and easily available sometimes its not worth the headache thus we have the junk drawer to throw everything into until one day when you have to pour it out to search trough everything for something you put in there ages ago.” – Daniel Findlay

Question is, why were these drawers used for such a “trashy” purpose and why do so many people have them?

“I am pretty sure that everyone has at least one junk drawer in their house, some people may even have more. They’re just an easy and convenient place to keep things that don’t necessarily have set place. They were probably just made by people who had a lot of things and nowhere to keep them all, so they decided to keep all their odds and ends in one place. Honestly, it can even make things easier when you have a junk drawer because when you need to find something specific, you can just find it in the junk drawer.” – Grace Clark

As you can see, junk drawers are found in most households and can even sometimes be beneficial in day to day life.