Spotlight: Katie Frederiksen


Cece Putnam

Mrs. Frederiksen has been teaching at Davis for two years. She goes by Fred for short. Fred taught at Centerville Jr. for 3 years and Legacy Jr. for 4 years before coming to Davis High.

When I transferred to Davis I was nervous because they were put into a stereotype that made them seem ungrateful for teachers, but they’re nothing like everyone says. I have loved every student. The kids and the other teachers are great.” – Katie Frederiksen

Fred is the coach for the girls wrestling team. She became the coach because they couldn’t find another teacher, but she is so glad to be coaching and learning the sport. She said that she loves all of the girls and can’t believe how well they’re doing so quickly. She says any girls that are questioning wrestling should do it, no matter how strong or how much you weigh you should wrestle, there’s a spot for everyone. 

Fred teaches senior English; she teaches this class because she loves the seniors with their angsty and apathetic attitudes. Fred is passionate about teaching and making sure students are set up to do well in life. She teaches English specifically because she enjoys stories and non-fiction. She also likes that with English she can teach anything she wants. 

“I can teach any topic I want and have it fall into the category of EnglishEnglish isn’t just grammar and writing, it about learning how to understand and communicate information. That makes it possible to teach English anyway including through any other topic I’d like.” – Katie Frederiksen

Fred has been married for 20 years in August and has 5 children. She has one pet, a chocolate lab named Sadie. Her favorite thing to do is read a book on the beach or take a hike to the Arches. She tries to go outdoors as much as possible. Her hobbies are coaching the girls wrestling team, reading (of course), and she loves researching about psychopaths or serial killers. Her favorite foods are vegetarian Café Rio salads and Thai Rod Dee’s yellow curry. Her favorite drink is the raspberry honey lemonade from Café Zupas. Fred’s favorite colors are black and yellow. Her favorite music is 80’s rock, Led Zeplin and Sublime are two of her favorite bands. 

Her plan for the future is one of her favorite things to talk about. After she finishes teaching (for another 15-19 years), she plans on teaching at department of defense schools and travel the world. Anywhere there is a base, there will be a school she can teach at. So there’s chances she can teach in other countries. After she does this for a few years she plans on buying a house on the coast and walking down the beach every day.