The Importance of Perspective in Life

The Importance of Perspective in Life

Grace Clark

Life is full of disappointments. That’s what we are told on a nearly daily basis from a young age. Something bad happens and immediately we are told “don’t worry, life is full of disappointments.” But, is life really full of disappointments like everyone tells us? The simple answer is no.

Sure, bad things happen to everyone, no matter what is done to prevent it. Just because bad things happen doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life. Often times, life is all about perspective. Carrie Scott talks about how going through life can be very tough, but often times perspective is key to seeing what you are missing.

“There are periods of time in your life that are really tough! It is important to remember that these times will pass. When your kids are young, it is very difficult to get through the day. You go to bed at night exhausted and wonder if you have done more harm than good. Now that my kids are grown, they tell me that they don’t remember all the times I got mad at them or yelled. They remember the good times that we had like holidays, vacations and funny mishaps. I have learned as a parent, not to beat yourself up for the bad days, but enjoy the good days and the surprises.” – Carrie Scott

Life is crazy and often times one can find themselves completely immersed in things that really don’t matter. That is where perspective comes into play, if you can take a step back from everything and almost see life differently, it can make all the difference in the world. Gabe Franklin talks about his outlook on life and how perspective can change your whole outlook on life.

“Life is full of trials and obstacles, you know? It really just goes back to that basic stuff on how you can’t love the sun without the rain or how you can’t experience happiness without knowing sadness. Essentially, if life is always good, and we never feel pain, heartache or sadness, then we will never truly know genuine happiness.” – Gabe Franklin

Why is it that changing your perspective can help your entire outlook on life? Thrive global explains that.

“As you take a different route, you are going to see different things; and you will see the same things from a different perspective, a different angle. When that happens, you see more dimensions and begin to understand on a deeper level what something actually is.” – Thrive Global

So, although bad things do happen, remember to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Life isn’t always bad.