My top 20 songs of 2020


Cannon Blaser, swag man

With being at home pretty much all year due to COVID I had a lot of time on my hands to hang out and listen to music. I discovered some new songs and albums that came out this year and some older ones along the way.

20. Complicated by Mac Miller

Mac Miller went above and beyond expectations with his album Circles, even after his death. “Complicated” is no acception, with techno synthesizer beats and chords to create an amazing song on an even more amazing album.

19. Western Kids by Hippo Campus

Western Kids appears on the album Landmark. Hippo Campus makes music that combines traditional and rock gutar with a more modern synthesizers to create songs that you just want to dance to and Western Kids is probably one of their best.

18. Casual Encounters by Beach Fuzz

Beach Fuzz is an up and coming Indie band. One of their most popular songs, Casual Encounters, uses complex electric guitar riffs and vocals to create a great song from an already great band.

17. Ghost Town by Kanye West feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Kanye and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s talent really shines on this song, showing off PND’s ability to create amazing abstract beats and vocals. Kanye reminds us of how catchy and smooth his rap flow is, creating memorable verses and vocals.

16. Put Your Records On by Ritt Momney

In this cover of the hit song Put Your Records On by Cornie Bailey Rae, Momney brings new life to an older overplayed song with beautiful beats and vocals that make it feel fresh and new.

15. Pressure Love by Safario & Lokoy feat. Jimi Somewhere

German artist Safario uses a beautiful piano melody and hard hitting drums and bass to create a catchy, lyrical song perfect for a party.

14. Cabin Fever by Jaden

Cabin Fever was one of the top songs off of Jaden Smith’s 5th studio album, CTV3. In this song Jaden switched up his hard punk style from his more recent album ERYS, for a more happy pshycadelic tone.

13. Get Out by Oscar Lang

Up and coming Indie rock artist, Oscar Lang uses a trippy echo chorus and an hard guitar riff to make possibly one of the best rock songs of the year.


Artist Grady makes intense tones and catchy vocals in his song CAN YOU HEAR THE MOON. After hearing the intensity and volume of the song, you’ll know why the name is in all caps.

11. Shampoo Bottles by Peach Pit

Peach Pit tells the story of a mans life after his significant other left him. He goes through greif and sorrow and the tones and guitar melody match the sorrow of the lyrics. It’s the perfect sad/angry song.

10. Silhouette by Ax and the Hatchetmen

The 7 member band combines the sounds of old folk/country using string basses and other not as common insturments combined with electric guitar and new synths to create a catchy, fresh song.

9. Sounds Like Fun by BLACKSTARKIDS

Underground rock band, BLACKSTARKIDS, uses super elaborate electric guitar melodys and riffs to make an amazing love song.

8. Fair Game by Dayglow

Dayglow focuses on creating soft simple melodys with synth and electric guitar that make you feel relaxed and comfortable, which is reflected in his song Fair Game.

7. Jane by LAUNDRY DAY

Alt band LAUNDRY DAY, uses soft slow melodys and guitar riffs to make a love song about excitement and sorrow.

6. Surf by Mac Miller

Also of his previously mentioned album, Circles. Mac used soft guitar and ukulele combined with slower more toned down vocals and lyrics to create a relaxing, fun song.

5. Palace/Curse by The Internet (feat. Steve Lacy & Tyler, the Creator)

Palace/Curse is a two part song following people attending a party hosted by Tyler, the Creator. In this song you hear people cheering and laughing in the background as Tyler yells things like “Aye y’all having a good time tonight?”. The Internet uses heavenly vocals and lots of bass to create a stunning track.

4. Chicken by Your Neighbors

Chicken is about a boy too scared to confess his feelings to a girl that he likes. The song follows him going around in circles in his head trying to figure out what to say to her. Combined with a fun happy guitar riff and a super catchy chorus, Chicken is a song that stays in your head all day.

3. Itchin’ On a Photograph by Grouplove

Itchin’ On a Photograph is over-shadowed by Groupelove’s hit song Tongue Tied, from the same album, Never Trust a Happy Song. With happy beats and claps and one of the most catchy choruses ever, this is the perfect song to yell in the car with your friends.

2. My Favorite Fish by Gus Dapperton

Indie/Alt artist Gus Dapperton creates a soft spoken, heartfelt song about falling for everything about someone. Using ukulele and guitar with overlapping vocals and even some trumpet to create an amazing song.

1. Weekend by Clubhouse

For my number one song I chose Weekend by Clubhouse because it has everything I love about a song, a catchy chorus, a good solid baseline, and great vocals. This song uses all those to its avantage

1. Stars by Xavier Goodman

Up-and-coming rap artist uses a unique flow and beat to create an amazing song about believing in himself and being him, no one else. Xavier just released his first album “Wesday is Hard to Spell” on December, 27th, 2020 and is bursting on the rap scene and blowing up on Tik Tok due to his unique but still fimiliar flow, gaining over 800,000 followers in only a few months.