Will we last the rest of this week before soft closure


Matt Rindi, writer

So how long do we really know we will stay for this week if we soft closure or not. Though the district has explained that we will be tested and we will still be able stay or leave home for 10 days instead of going to school. But we are find right now. But we need to be careful with these things. Were at like 19 people right now that are tested positive for in Davis high school. So we won’t really need to close down the school because we will be then tested and we will be fine from this virus.

So let’s hope that we can last the week. some people think that we won’t last that long. So what do you think and how long are you thinking we will be doing school until someone get’s the virus and it’ shuts down the school for a few. Kainoa Sorenson he said maybe we will have to have soft closer because were close to the number of people we have to be tested again. Why can’t this virus be here. why not they give the vaccine to us already haha. But updated today Biden was said that he will be able to have a date that we will then be able to normal life soon. So let’s hope it happens soon that be so nice.

We won’t have to do the silly online schooling thing it’s so repetitive. My friends aren’t really sure when they will soft close. I hope that we can soft close in like two weeks that be so awesome. well not awesome but, at least we can get a nice start back to school. That’s all I  care about having to get my assignments done for classes. Also so then you don’t have to have so much stress depending on your classes you have this semester.

But we will get through this we are strong! we are keeping it up and staying from  the positive cases we have been doing a great job that we can do. Before we know it we won’t have to wear these silly masks that will be the greatest day of my life! Well it would be so amazing for everyone that we won’t have to use the masks yeah! We are Darts! we will fight this and we can over come it! Davis high school holding strong for our school. A lot of the teachers think they it may not last this week we shall see. I bet that we will be able to last a few weeks for sure.