Ford Bronco: Is it Worth the Hype?


Andrew Barker

Last July Ford announced that they would be remastering the original Ford Bronco and it shocked the car world. The hype of the announcement was talked about obsessively though groups of car enthusiasts.

Fast forward a couple months, they released spec models and what the base prices of the different models would be. There was a lot of mixed opinions on the initial release of this line of production, a lot of people were disappointed by how much they copied the Jeep and a lot loved it for how original and similar it could be to the original Bronco. I had the opportunity to as the admin of the popular instagram page ‘Utah Bronco’ shares his opinions on the release of the spec models. he stated, “I absolutely love the different options that Ford has released and offered to the public. I am excited for the several customization options that Ford has offered to us to create a vehicle that can feel personal and special to the owner. The different packages and trims can be unique and affordable right from the dealership floor!”, (Cooper Peirce).

Ford has came out with 5+ Configurations of the 2021 Bronco, and this offers flexibility in price and more customization options to all of the owners of the future vehicle. Dealerships have already started selling the sport package but the official 2 door and 4 door option do not come to dealership floors until the first of July, 2021. Base models of the 2/4 door models will start at about 30 thousand dollars and you can basically customize your whole vehicle to be unique to you.

As time is closing up to the release of the new bronco, the hype is also building. A lot of questions rise as people are seeing the prices fluctuate and the prices of the options being stacked as they customize their vehicle. The real question remains, is this vehicle worth the hype that has grown and will it out shine the original model.