Spotlight: Justin Lundskog


Andrew Barker

Justin Lundskog is an amazing student here at Davis High School, he is for sure one of the funniest and interesting kids at the school.

Justin is a senior here at Davis High, and he has several unique characteristics about him! Justin is such a lovable and friendly kid and he always does his best to make everyone feel important and idolized, no matter who you are or how you treat him. Justin is involved in many things and he takes pride in everything he does! I got the chance to ask him a few questions to showcase his many great qualities and I was very pleased to hear his response.

Justin loves to spend his free time playing lacrosse and hanging out with his friends. Justin is a varsity lacrosse player and he works everyday to get better to earn a starting position this spring season. he loves the atmosphere of the sport and hanging out with his best friends while he plays it! I asked what he has in store for the future and he did not hesitate to give his answer in confidence, he replied with “I am going to serve a mission and come back and start training to be a commercial real estate agent. I have always loved talking to people and making a connection! if that fails I will be a YouTube vlogger”. Justin has a podcast that he does with his friends that he brings a special guest every week, and he plans to go big doing that.

Justin loves his family more than anything, and he loves to share the story of how he was adopted and how his family has given him so much to make his life so much better than he was destined for. He describes how much he loves his mom and the fun things they do together! Justin is clearly the most lovable and personable kid here at Davis High.