New class at Davis creates new space for women


Claire Young, Writer/Editor

This semester, Davis High is introducing an exciting new class that students should definitely consider taking if they are interested in art, history, or expanding their perspective and understanding of the world around them.

Art History-Women’s Studies is a class in which students explore and learn about female artists who shaped the female narrative and created a space for female voices throughout history. Meredith Wright, who teaches many art-related courses at Davis, was inspired to create the class after seeing her AP Art History students’ enthused reaction to learning about the few female artists included in the curriculum. The idea of dedicating an entire class to female artists excited Wright as well as her students.

“I realized that the school wasn’t offering a class dedicated to the history of women and I thought, let’s do this!!”

Explained Wright.

This class highlights and elevates women throughout history whose lives and artwork beautifully portray their struggle of being a woman in a male-dominated world and how they overcame those challenges to achieve their dreams.

“Most female artists throughout history had to endure great roadblocks because of their gender. I feel that they embody the spirit of women. They embody the spirit of feminism: that women can be included in public discourse, that their voices should be heard.”

The topics covered in this class are extremely relevant and applicable to everyone, everyday. Gender inequality limits societal progression and impacts the whole world in a negative way. It’s especially important for girls to have a class like this to help them recognize their worth and to feel empowered.

“I believe it’s important to provide a space where women are celebrated. I wish I would have had this class when I was in high school. Too often, young females lack enough role models of accomplished women in a variety of fields. This makes them feel limited!”

Boys are strongly encouraged to take this class as well and all male voices are welcome! Feminism is not about excluding men; it’s about including women! Similarly, the purpose of this class is certainly not to exclude male students, but to provide a space where all voices are heard and where people of all backgrounds, colors, beliefs, and genders can come together to bring about necessary change.

“Boys should absolutely take this class! You have to remember that girls spend their entire education learning about amazing men in history. Maybe it’s more than ok to carve out some space where we give women the stage!  Women have accomplished incredible things throughout history, and I think male students will gain greater appreciation and understanding for women by taking this class. Just like girls don’t have to be male in order to appreciate George Washington, boys don’t have to be female in order to appreciate Queen Hatshepsut (if you don’t know who that is, you should take my class!).”

As a student of the class, I have found the curriculum to be eye-opening. It has made me feel seen in a way that I haven’t experienced in any other class. The boys and girls in the class alongside Mrs. Wright have created an extremely positive and respectful learning environment. It has been a place where I have learned new things, participated in meaningful discussions, and gained greater understanding of the world’s heroines.

This class addresses important topics in a very comfortable, fun, and creative way! It promotes open-mindedness, inclusion, and respect for all. This class is a refreshing change of pace and a much-needed space where powerful, intelligent, and talented women from history are valued and honored. Take Art History-Women’s Studies to have fun as you learn about important people who made phenomenal art and paved a new path for humanity!