AP Calculus provides bright future for Davis High students

AP Calculus provides bright future for Davis High students

Jade Meyer

Davis High student claims AP Calculus class is worth taking now even through its challenges.

The AP Calculus Course here at Davis High prepares students for the end of year AP test in May. This class is one of the most challenging courses taught at Davis High.

The AP Calculus program is split into two different classes: AB and BC Calculus.

AB Calculus is designed to cover the equivalent of one semester of college calculus over the span of a year. Calculus BC covers a full year of college-level calculus over the same period of time.

BC Calculus is not necessarily more difficult than AB, but BC has to move faster due to more material to cover.

“My brother took AB in high school and he really enjoyed it. I really liked having Meade as a teacher though and she only teaches BC. Also BC is more college credit with just a little more work.”

Says Olivia Giles on why she took BC instead of AB.

“Remembering and applying concepts. It’s a lot of memorization and it tends to be a bit of an overload. It requires a lot of thinking outside of the box.” Olivia said on the most difficult parts of the class.

AP Calculus is a class that takes a lot of work and effort. There are a lot of challenges that come with it so students have to be prepared for that.

“Ms. Meade, I go in after school at least two times a week to work on homework and get any help I need on problems. I try to study continuously a week before a test so I remember everything.”

“I do feel like the tests and homework problems are really setting me up to pass and get a high score on the AP test. This class will definitely be worth it.”

Olivia said about how she deals with the challenges of the workload and applying concepts.

Make sure that if you are going to take AP Calculus, you are willing to put in the work. If you can stay motivated and determined, this may just be the class for you.