“It’s Broken” Davis teachers describe the defective state of our political discourse

Its Broken Davis teachers describe the defective state of our political discourse

Corran J Cottrell, Writer

Davis High teachers distressed by our current political divide, spoke out yesterday about their own experiences with political conflict at Davis High and around the country, in an attempt to bring back bipartisanship.

Three teachers from all sides of the political spectrum reveal how they have been dealing with political conflict, which has been steadily growing ever since the 2020 election.

“It’s broken, their is no more discourse” he further went on to say that our politics has been relegated to “two conflicting echo chambers”

This was said by Keith Williams, a chemistry teacher who describes himself as “socially liberal”

Another teacher across the political spectrum from Keith Williams agrees saying:

“We are not where we need to be” and “We need to talk”

This was said by coach and teacher Daniel Summerhays, who described himself as conservative.

At the very least both parties can agree that the political divide between the two ideologies has gone too far. Both teachers have described conflicts between them and students regarding political matters.

Keith Williams regularly plays “devils advocate” with students, going against them on whatever issue they bring up with him. While Summerhays in leadership class has argued with a student about the role of the federal government.

All three teachers described their average classrooms political affiliation in a heartbeat as conservative. Not all that surprising as the majority of students have  parents who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the most stable voting block for the republican party.

Both Williams and Summerhays describe how the conservative majority at Davis “tamps down” on opposing political viewpoints.

“There is very little political discussion at Davis.”

Said Keith Williams when asked if political discourse was better at Davis High School.

There is one teacher who disagrees with both of them however.

“[it’s] about as heated as usual in American history” and stated that “Democracy is a messy business”

This was said Timothy Larsen, an English teacher and self described centrist.

Timothy Larsen tries to promote a culture of “compromise and cooperation” even in this divided political climate

The teachers decided to give some final advice for students who are struggling to get through this political climate.

“It’s important to listen to other sources, if you don’t agree with about half of what they are saying it’s likely a good news source”

Said Keith Williams

and “We can do better than a politics of humiliation and contempt”

Said Mr. Larsen

In the end the lesson is to have discussions with other people about ideology, and to respect each other no matter what we believe. If we can all do that we have a good shot at uniting the country again.