A Promising Upcoming Soccer Team


Ethan Rushton, Writer

Jordan Ferre, a Davis High School Senior and 4th year Davis High Soccer player, says this spring season will be one to remember.

“We are shaping up to be a pretty strong team. We have some rock solid seniors as well as our Juniors.”

Said Jordan Ferre when asked how the team is looking this year.

Throughout the years, Weber High School has been one of, if not the toughest competition for our Davis High’s boys soccer.  Who will be the toughest opponent?

“Weber! Weber is gonna be damn good this year.”

Replied Jordan Ferre.

Some students were concerned about another season ending early due to Covid-19, however, they have been told not to worry. This year, they have stated that the situation is under control. Players are being tested every 2 weeks along with a mask requirement everywhere to ensure safety for all the athletes.

Sadly, star forward Jordan Ferre has been banned from competing in the first two games of the season. When asked how he will improve himself during his cleansing period, Jordan Ferre replied confidently,

“I will watch my teammates and their tendencies, come back for the 3rd game of the season and score a Hattrick.”

Cheers to a successful season for our Davis High School Boys Soccer Team. Go Darts!