Jonathan Page: BETTY WHITE

Gabe Franklin, Writer

Jonathon Page is a senior here at Davis High School. Jon also attends Davis Technical College and is currently earning his welding technology certificate. Jon is on track for graduation. When I asked Jon what his goals were after High School, he began to say,

“My main goal is to blow up and act like I don’t know nobody.”

Besides that, Jon has many dreams and goals in his life. One goal is to eventually start up is own automotive mechanic shop. After high school, he plans to continue at Davis Technical College and work full-time at Ford Performance where he is currently working at part-time on the weekends. He is ready to be out of this hell hole called high school and to be independent and move out on his own.

Beyond work and school, Jon plans to travel on the weekends and continue his love for fishing and camping. If you have ever met Jon, you would know his love and passion for the outdoors. He is very involved in quite a few outdoor activities including rock climbing, fishing, camping, hunting, hiking and swimming. Jon is also involved in Davis High School’s lacrosse team as a defender. Jon has been playing lacrosse for most of his life and enjoys it very much.

After speaking with Jon, I started to notice something he loved more than anything in his life. BETTY WHITE. Jon has a love for her in ways you wouldn’t think of. Somehow, he slipped into the interview that he would pay a million dollars to take Betty White out on a date and that he would love to spend a million more to end the night off with a kiss. Betty White was born in 1922, making her 99 years old. Jon, on the other hand, was born in 2002. But, he is 18 years old so there is no issue. Jon says his main attraction and favorite thing about her is that he thinks she sold her soul to devil.

Jon is going to go in a great direction after high school. He is focusing on himself and is determined to get places.

“I am focusing on myself but would not mind if a girl happened to come into my life and made me the most happy man alive.”

Jon says.

I’m sorry to say Jon, but no women will love you if you love Betty White more then her. Jon is a teddy bear once you get to know him, don’t be fooled by his height. He’s not that tough.